Reelout: Saturday February 1

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12:00 PM – 1:30 PM – SEX, SIN & 69
d. Sarah Fodey 75min Canada 2019
The Sex, Sin & 69 documentary is a 80-minute historical, retrospective film about the 1969 legislation to ‘decriminalize’ homosexuality.
Told through contemporary voices including queer academics, historians, activists, educators, artists, and community builders, the film attempts to challenge our understanding of queer history by shining a light on widely adopted misconceptions surrounding decriminalization. The perspectives highlighted throughout the film lend it the contemporary relevance required to resonate with a modern audience largely removed from ‘decrim’ and historical queer Canada. In fact, this distance from the factual record of queer Canada provides a critical story driver in the film: calling into question dominant discourses about the significance of decriminalization.
Community Sponsor: Positive Space, Queen’s Human Rights Office & EGALE Canada
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2:00 PM – 3:50 PM – Tales from Turtle Island Shorts Program
This eclectic mix of narrative, documentary and animated shorts explores the lives and loves of 2SGLGBTQ+ characters both real and imagined.
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The Most Unprotected Girl
d. Jerilyn Webster 3:41min Canada 2018
With her music, JB The First Lady wants to bring awareness to missing and murdered Indigenous women (MMIW) of Canada and to two-spirit people.
d. Sarafina McIntosh, Demi Valentine and Sunita Miya-Muganza 22min Canada 2018
This compelling expose takes a look 3 female DJs who are unapologetically disrupting the Toronto hip-hop scene. The film chronicles the journey of women who are pursuing their passions and crafting their careers in a male-dominated industry.
War Movie
d.Matt Landry 12min Canada 2019
An argument over a film they just watched spirals into real life drama between a couple.
Walk With My Spirits
d. Tyler Jacobs 4:43min Canada 2018
Dancer and fashion designer Tyler Jacobs asks us to tag along on his journey to reclaiming his two-spirit heritage and knowledge.
d. Gil Goletski 6:03 Canada 2018
Mo is an adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They spend a lot of time in their brain. Today, a hole started following them.
I am Me
d. Jazmine Smith 4:26min Canada 2018
Jazmine grew up in Flying Dust, Saskatchewan as a boy who felt out of place… until discovering makeup, which helped her transition and begin her journey into womanhood. This is a story of acceptance, self-love and jewelry.
d. Bretten Hannam 12min Canada 2018
Stalked by his abusive father, a two-spirit teen runaway and meets a rebellious Mi’kmaw drawn to his journey. A deep bond begins to grow as he learns Mi’kmaw language and culture from his new companion.

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM – Good Kisser
d. Wendy Jo Carlton 80min USA 2019
Jenna (Kari Alison Hodge) agrees to a sexy weekend fling with materialistic girlfriend Kate (Rachel Paulson) and the worldly Mia (Julia Eringer). The evening is intended to spice up their two-year romance but as the night unfolds, Jenna realizes she’s bitten off more than she can chew, and the love triangle begins to crack.According to The Toronto Star, writer-director Wendy Jo Carlton (Reelout fave Hannah Free) delivers another festival standout with this Seattle-shot romantic drama about a sexy weekend fling that develops some serious stakes for the three women involved.
“A complex, and at times steamy, portrait of a relationship on the cusp of change, Good Kisseris worth puckering up to.” – Courtney Small, Cinema Axis
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9:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Sell By
d. Mike Doyle 94min USA 2019
Does every relationship have an expiration date? Adam (Scott Evans)and Marklin (Augustus Prew) are about to find out. Their 5-year relationship has gone from a passionate flame to a medium burn, forcing them to reconcile with each other’s shortcomings, all while watching their support network crumble around them.
Best friend Cammy’s latest beau checks all of her boxes—if you don’t count that he actually lives in a box; Haley’s student is more interested in studying her than studying for the SATs; and Elizabeth and Damon—the “stable” ones—are on the brink of divorce after 15 years of so-called bliss. But, in this mess, hope springs eternal as they all muddle their way through to try to make life work. The film features terrific supporting turns by Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice), Michelle Buteau (Tales of the City) and Patricia Clarkson (House of Cards, The Maze Runner).
“Sell By is an impressive directorial debut from a veteran actor with a refreshingly bespoke point of view.” – Beandrea July, The Hollywood Reporter
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