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Gays Of Our Lives Shorts Program
This program of experimental, and traditional narratives and documentaries explores the lives of cis and trans men who love men. This is a wild ride that will challenge your expectations. Coming out stories, staying-in stories, activism, racial and cultural identities, and bisexuality are all on display. Viewer Discretion Advisory: Full-frontal male nudity and sexual situations.

=   d. Wrik Mead/7:30/Canada/2017
Making use of a dizzying array of anti-gay protest footage captured and posted on the internet, Mead’s protagonist bears witness to the fractures, shifts and resistances that have brought us to this time in LGBTQ history.

Rebirth   d. Zehra Gokcimen & Gokce Oraloglu /4:00/Turkey/2017
Rebirth reflects the transformation of a performer with every move on stage. They tear apart the veils that society has stitched on them during the ritual.

Curtain Down   d. Tristan Scott/16:00/USA/2017
A queer love story that takes a surreal but tender look at gender, identity and aging as our hero is forced to choose between career and love in the Hollywood hills.

Rusalka   d. Wes Hurley/8:35/USA/2017
Burlesque icons Luminous Pariah and Chris Harder star in this Tom of Finland inspired queer retelling of ‘The Little Mermaid’.

The Daytime DoorMan   d.Fabio Leal/23:00/Brazil/2017
After exchanging glances between “good mornings” and “good afternoons”, Marcelo realizes it’s time to try to go further with Márcio, the doorman in his building. Two worlds will collide through these men’s bodies.

A Bed Day   d. Peter Knegt/5:00/Canada/2017
Two boyfriends who recently moved into together spend the entire day in bed.

Get The Life   d. Sue-Ellen Chitunya/11:55/USA/2017
A transgender teenager faces an unwanted pregnancy and risks losing everything he loves in order to live courageously.

Marz   d. Bobby Yan/11:20/USA/2017

A childhood friendship is put to the test after a fleeting encounter stirs up uncomfortable feelings and emotions that neither are equipped to answer.

Little Potato   d. Wes Hurley/13:55/USA/2017
Wes Hurley’s autobiographical tale of growing up gay in Soviet Union Russia, only to escape with his mother, a mail order bride, to Seattle to face a whole new oppression in his new Christian fundamentalist American dad.

101 minutes approximately

Community Sponsor: Gay Men’s Sexual Health, HARS HIV/AIDS Regional Services

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