REELOUT: WHAT’S UP DOCS? A Documentary Filmmakers Panel Discussion

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WHAT’S UP DOCS? A Documentary Filmmakers Panel Discussion
Tickets are $5 at the door or Free with Festival Pass or ticket stubs from any of today’s docs.

This is where reelness is served! Join documentary filmmaker and moderator Reena Kukreja in welcoming our guest documentary filmmakers for an engaging discussion on the state of independent, Canadian, documentary filmmaking.
Kami Chisholm
Kami Chisholm is a queer, disabled, activist filmmaker and arts curator whose work focuses on dismantling white supremacy, ending settler colonialism, and the quest for justice for those commonly denied access to the means to live and thrive. Chisholm has been making films for more than 20 years, since beginning her BA in Film Production and English from Loyola Marymount University. She also holds a PhD in History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an MFA in Film Production from York University. Her most recently completed documentary, Pride Denied (released in 2016 and distributed by Media Education Foundation and Vtape), explores topics such as homonationalism and pinkwashing in the context of the 2014 World Pride festival in Toronto.

Bobbi Jo Hart
Bobbi Jo Hart has passionately directed and produced award-winning observational documentaries for over 20 years, in countries as diverse as Pakistan, USA, Russia, Zimbabwe, the UK and Guatemala. Touring worldwide film festivals, airing globally and winning many awards, including three nominations and two wins at the prestigious Canadian Screen Awards, her films intimately explore the realities of marginalized populations through common human themes that celebrate our shared humanity.

Sebastien Chabot
Sebastien Chabot is an award-winning director, producer and screenwriter. His debut feature documentary The Gardener was selected in 7 international film festivals and won the audience award for Best Canadian feature film at the Quebec City Film Festival. Chabot has directed more than a dozen television series totaling over 130 hours of programming. His series reached up to more than a million viewers. His programs were nominated 8 times at the Gemini Awards, won 3 Gemini and have been nominated 3 time for the Rose d’Or prize. Over the span of his career he has had the privilege to direct for diverse target audiences in several genres such as documentary series, lifestyle series, reality television and historical based programming. Chabot founded Films Reflektor in 2015. He is currently working on his second feature documentary.

Moderator  Reena Kukreja
Reena Kukreja divides time between teaching, filmmaking, and research in India and Canada. As an independent documentary film-maker, she has been making films over the last 28 years on women’s issues and child labor. Her documentaries, over 50, have been used as tools for grassroots activism and have been also screened extensively in film festivals around the world. Her current research focuses on two strands of South Asian masculinities: the first examines the intersections of xenophobia, Islamophobia, securitization of citizenship, and border controls on undocumented South Asian male migrants in Greece; and the other examines the role of religion, caste, and political economy in shaping contemporary relational male identities and masculinity among lower classes of rural Indian men in contemporary North India. Her manuscript, Partial Truths, Negotiated Existences: Examining Dispossession of Matrimonial Choice in Cross-Region Marriages in India is being published by Cornell University Press.


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