REELOUT: PRIDE DENIED: Homonationalism & The Future of Queer Politics

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PRIDE DENIED: HOMONATIONALISM & The Future of Queer Politics   d. Kami Chisholm/62min/Canada/2016

Many North American LGBTQ pride events initially emerged out of sites of revolt and resistance— such as the anti-police riots at the Stonewall Inn in NYC in 1969 and the protests that began after police bathhouse raids in Toronto 1981. Today, however, PRIDE™ is big business. Non-profits formed for the purpose of hosting pride events in cities such as Toronto, San Francisco, and New York. In Pride Denied, queer and trans activists and artists call for a return to prioritizing political activism and community support that characterized the emergence of the contemporary LGBT rights movement more than 40 years ago.

Community Sponsor: Queen’s University Department of Sociology

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