BENT by Martin Sherman

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Flesh and Blood Productions presents BENT by Martin Sherman at The Grand Theatre, October 25-28

Martin Sherman’s worldwide hit play BENT took London by storm in 1979 when it was first performed by the Royal Court Theatre, with Ian McKellen as Max. The play itself caused an uproar. “It educated the world,” Sherman explains. “People knew about how the Third Reich treated Jews and, to some extent, gypsies and political prisoners. But very little had come out about their treatment of homosexuals.” The play BENT highlights the reason why: a largely ignored German law, Paragraph 175, making homosexuality a criminal offense, which Hitler reactivated and strengthened during his rise to power.
Revived by Forster in a time of social crisis–both in North America, where prejudice has made a recent resurgence, and around the globe–Sherman’s BENT tells of the struggle of accepting ones identity in the face of adversity and reinforces the absolute need for LBGTQ rights today.


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