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The Pride in Kingston Committee would like to thank everyone for registering your events and vendor and community booths for our parade day and Pride in Kingston Community Fair at McBurney Park on Saturday June 17th, 2017.

If you are still planning to march in the parade with a group please let us know by filling out the registration form.

Pride Week in Kingston is June 11th-18th, 2017.

The parade will leave McBurney Park (Skeleton Park) at noon on Saturday June 17th .  The parade will arrive back at the park at around 1pm.  For the rest of the afternoon, learn more about our local community organizations, explore the works of local artisans and enjoy live entertainment until 4pm.

For more information on our Pride in Kingston Community Fair on this same day in the same location stay tuned to this Facebook event

The community fair starts at 10:00 am in McBurney Park

The parade starts at noon in McBurney Park – parade route

Do you want to get involved on June 17th?
Many hands make for light work and lots of fun! email us at  if you’d like to volunteer!

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