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Your Body Is A Playground: Getting In Touch and Letting Go of Shame will focus on cis, trans and non-binary queer people’s pathways to pleasure. How do we talk about this and what should we know? With so much shaming of our bodies and sexuality, how do we do this? Let’s talk about it!

This presentation aims to make a touchy subject (sex!) more inclusive and realistic of LGBQ, non-binary, and trans experiences by talking about different kinds of bits responding to different sensations, and opening up our minds to different pathways to pleasure!

Let’s chat about butt sex, solo and partner play, common and harder to find toys, and less-awkward ways to integrate barriers. We will also deconstruct a bit what “safer sex” might mean to us, and how it differs from person to person. It’s about figuring out what makes us and our partners tick, and the sex we’d like to have.

About our presenter:

Joël Xavier is a francofun sexual health educator and co-chair of the Gay/Bi/Queer Trans Men’s Working Group of the GMSH (Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance). He has previously worked at the AIDS Committee of Ottawa as Men’s Health and Wellness Project Coordinator, and is currently working part-time at a queer sex shop and part-time as a research assistant to pay for his MSW, so he can do more sex ed and community organising.


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