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Andrea Meyerson /USA/95min/2015
CLAMBAKE, an exciting new documentary from award-winning filmmaker Andrea Meyerson, charts the growth of Women’s Week in Provincetown, from its inception to becoming the thriving lesbian mecca it is today. The film takes viewers on a fascinating 30-year journey, through archival footage and archives, interviews with celebrities and founders, and current events and performances, offering a historical—and hysterical—look at what a handful of innovative women can accomplish.
Director Andrea Meyerson in attendance.

Followed with a musical performance by Chris Chord.
 “I am grateful to share my personal thoughts, opinions, and feelings on real life topics. My music is simple, raw truthful, and bold. Connecting with my audience is important. I enjoy the interaction, and their stories often influence my songwriting.
My devotion and commitment to my music has led me to perform at many fundraising concerts, including benefits for cancer research as well as AIDS foundation. I like to use my music to not only provide happiness but to inspire and to give hope. In 2005 after hurricane Katrina I knew I needed to do something and I decided to help organize a successful concert which reached to many.
Much of my time is spent on my music since I produce and write all of my music. Now with “Balance” being available, I am very excited to be working on my follow-up CD.
At the end of the day putting aside my passion and love for the music what matters most to me is the happiness of my loving fans; who I know without there would be no amazing journey.” – Chris Chord

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