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Join the townhall on Positive and Safer Spaces in Kingston!

In December, representatives from Queen’s Positive Space, the City of Kingston, HIV/AIDS Regional Services, ygklgbt and members of the LGBT community met to begin a community discussion on positive space, training, stickers, and what these programs mean for Kingstonians. A follow up discussion was held at Sir John’s Public House where community members from across Kingston came together to share their experiences and begin discussing next steps.
We will be meeting in the Community Space of HIV/AIDS Regional Services, 844a Princess St. We aim to create working committees to explore the topic further.

This is a public townhall and all are welcome.

A summary of the last townhall, originally sent to attendees of the first townhall, is below. Hope to see you there!

Thank you again for attending on Wednesday and sharing your experiences and knowledge or your interest in this dialogue. I think we’ve demonstrated that there is a cross-community commitment towards making Kingston a safer and more inclusive city.

To briefly summarize our discussion:

  • Kingston has had a patchwork of training programs over the years, including:
    -HARS training programs (available to anyone in the community, not always with a sticker or certificate)

    • Queen’s Positive Space (associated with a rainbow triangle sticker, Queen’s focused but has extended into the community in the past)
    • Reelout administered program (youth oriented, no sticker)
    • KAP formerly partnered with Travel Gay Canada (?) to pair their sticker campaign with training (Visit Kingston stickers)
    • Outside training programs that are available to organizations (OCASI, Jer’s Vision, often come with certifications of some type)
    • Community based training (Julian & others)
    • This list is likely incomplete, there are other unidentified stickers and > flags throughout the city
  • There is currently no community-wide education campaign
  • Some programs are associated with stickers, some are not.
  • Training, stickers, mentorships, certifications and the like are imperfect tools for creating inherently imperfect spaces
  • Stickers, certifications signify different things to different people
  • There is no explanation or central document on the current layout of positive and safe space programming, and the goals of those programs, further confusing the issue.
  • There is no oversight for safe/positive spaces, or reporting mechanism for instances of failure
  • Local solutions are optimal, it is unclear what other communities are doing to address these issues
  • There is momentum toward advocating for a wide reaching change, and the conversation needs to continue.

The same agenda as the previous meeting will be presented to those who are able to attend this meeting. The agenda and the minutes from the last group’s discussion are available on our shared Google Drive Folder.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1615043495374728/
Google Event: https://plus.google.com/events/c0d4gr9la5hbtjms443mh1mpu10

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