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Shorts Program

Saturday February 7th Noon The Screening Room

Around the World in 8 Ways Shorts

BENDIK AND THE MONSTER d.Frank Mosvold/Norway/2014/10min

A little boy helps a monster who dreams of being a cabaret singer in this animated short about finding yourself and challenging identity.

SCAFFOLDING d. Juanma Carrillo/Spain/2012/14min

Two neighbors find a connection when their building goes under construction.

LAST FAREWELL d. Casper Andreas/Sweden/2014/13min

An aging author is faced with the impossible task of moving on with life in the wake of a devastating loss.

DAS PHALLOMETER d.Frank Christian Marx/Germany/2013/7min

A refugee is taken into custody at an open border crossing. During the interrogation, he admits to being gay and is subjected to an absurd entry examination, a so-called phallometric test. The story is based on facts.

I LOVE HER d. Darya Perelay/Ukraine/2013/3:31min

While busking on a busy street, a lonely street musician finds love.

KUHANI (PRIEST) d. Ntare Guma Mbaho Wine/Uganda/USA/2013/7:11min/English and Swahili

A conflicted African priest wrestles with his conscience. (short synopsis for guide)   An experimental short inspired by Ugandan Catholic priest Father Anthony Musaala’s open letter to the church titled “The Failure of Celibate Chastity among Diocesan Priests.” Father Musaala is one of many Ugandans who have been persecuted as a result of the country’s recently passed Anti Homosexuality Act.

BUTTERFLY d. Stuart McLaughlin/Northern Ireland/2014/13:40min

Adrianne and Karl, a transgender couple, both diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, confront their own Gender.


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